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42. I connected Power Shift NRG on the common wire of the ignition coils or injectors but I can't see any cut-off on the engine.

Check if you didn't accidentally modify the cut off time and re-set it to 5 blinks (50ms).If the time is correct but you still have the problem check if, as per the supplied diagram, the yellow wire has been connected to the 12Volts side and the green wire to the ignition coils or injectors side.

38. I found the bike model in the supplied connection table but I can't find the same wire colors on the original instrument connector loom.

Check what's written in red as "Very Important" on the top of the first page of the connection table and you'll find the list of the connection positions on the bike (A,B,C,D,etc.), you'll find the same reference letter in every cell of the bike model row.

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