Welcome to your CORSARO Inertial Pack activation page.

Activating the Inertial Pack the calculation and indication functions of the lean angle
and Lateral and Longitudinal accelerations in G are activated.
DigiraceMMX analysis software will also show the acceleration and lean angle charts.

The system calculates the lean angle relative to the axis (B) passing through the center of gravity
of the motorcycle + rider, considering also the rider position.

The lean angle is calculated by a high precision algorithm developed by Starlane
and does not require the installation of sensors on the vehicle.
Unlike other systems, it also allows correct angle alignment and acceleration
with the instantaneous position on the circuit.

You can see the lean angle degrees on the specific screen page
which indicates the current angle and the maximum degrees reached in the last right and left corners.
The screen also shows the maximum degrees reached in the session
differentiated between right and left corners.

The activation cost of the Inertial Pack is
Euro 49 + VAT
(59,78 VAT included)

Payment is made on PayPal secure platform.
If you do not have a personal PayPal account,
the procedure accepts secure transactions even with normal Credit Cards.

The following instructions can be downloaded and printed from this link: Download Instructions


In order to activate the Inertial pack you must check in the System Info menu
that your Corsaro has version 2.85 or later Firmware,
it is still recommended to keep it updated to the latest firmware version available at the following link:


Before proceeding it is advisable to download, through the DigiRaceMMX software,
the existing sessions that you would like to keep.

To activate the Inertial Pack you must install the free DigiraceMMX software
available on the site at the following link and configure
the Bluetooth connection as indicated on the manual:


After configuring the connection, turn on Corsaro and read the activation code
of the Interactive Pack as shown in the image.

Save the generated activation file to your PC desktop
and send it to the server via the following sending field:

Upload activation file:

Once you have paid and completed the procedure you will receive an email
with the .SLF extension file you will need to send to Corsaro
via the send command as follows:

Once the license file is sent, the Inertial Pack will be immediately active on your Corsaro.

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